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Mon, 29 November 2021
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(In alphabetical order by person interviewed. Pls send me any interviews - any language - which you think should be included. Do not forget...

Europe Minister – full AEJ interview in Eng English translation (Deep L) Edtstadler: EU must pay attention to freedom of the press It is a "basic requirement of having democracies", says the Minister for...

Taking the temperature of EU’s problem members

Vienna, September 6, 2021 EU “must stop threatening to kick Members out” by Edward Steen, Sec-General In an illuminating interview with Brigitte Rambossek (AEJ Austria Section) on...

Spiegel interview with FT editor Roula Khalaf

(es) London/ Vienna July 26, 2021 The FT's first woman editor gave this remarkable  interview with Der Spiegel prior to discovering she had been one of...

After the Joe and Vlad show – what exactly?

Vienna, June 25, 2021 from Edward Steen, S-G.  The Biden-Putin summit in Geneva 10 days ago was dismissed by the Russian president as "Hollywood". He was...

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