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Spiegel interview with FT editor Roula Khalaf

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July 26, 2021

The FT’s first woman editor gave this remarkable  interview with Der Spiegel prior to discovering she had been one of the journalists whose phones had been spooked with the Israeli Pegasus software.

“I Think We Went Too Far”

Former foreign correspondent Roula Khalaf has served as the top editor of the Financial Times since 2020. In an interview, she discusses the newspaper’s reputation as the bible of capitalism, her efforts to attract more female readers and the publication’s reporting on the massive Wirecard scandal in Germany.
Interview by Isabell Hülsen

DER SPIEGEL: Ms. Khalaf, you had only been in your new position for eight weeks when the pandemic struck. Has it been a curse or a journalistic blessing?

DER SPIEGEL: The pandemic, Brexit and climate change have undermined confidence in the blessings of capitalism and globalization. What does that mean for a newspaper that is considered a bible of capitalism?
The Financial Times had 960,000 digital subscribers in 2020, as well as 140,000 print subscriptions.

Source: FT

Roula Khalaf and with Iraqi imam Sheikh Khaled Hammoud Mahal al-Jumaili in 2013

Roula Khalaf and with Iraqi imam Sheikh Khaled Hammoud Mahal al-Jumaili in 2013

Foto: Courtesy Financial Times

“There were days when I was the only woman in the room.”

Financial Time reporter Dan McCrum appears at a session of the parliamentary committee investigating Wirecard in Berlin in 2020

DER SPIEGEL: Was there a moment when you worried that the story might not end well for the FT?

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