Wed, 19 June 2024

Thinking about Russian propaganda

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es Vienna, June 11, 2024

He-man Putin in Crimea, 2010

Russian propaganda has taken on many ambitious forms, possibly turning the European elections in France, and almost for certain spreading panic about bedbugs ahead of the Olympics in Paris.

Prof Tim Snyder’s thoughts on the matter are especially pertinent. In his latest article, he writes: “Tucker Carlson… is celebrated on Russian television, of course, and his clips replayed.  But Russian propagandists naturally think anyone beyond Russia who is on their side must not be very bright, and they cannot quite stop themselves from saying so.  It is the one point on which they are completely sincere.” More…

He is full of praise for Julia Davis, creator of Russian Media Monitor and her new book on Russian propaganda. Russian television, she revealed yesterday (with subtitltles in English), even broadcast a loopy debate about “God wants a nuclear escalation“.

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