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Fri, 28 January 2022
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Evacuation as fear mounts in Ukraine

Frigate, fighter planes and troops ready for collective defence Paris/Brussels January 24 Mark Porter Journalists worldwide have been told by their editors to get their documents in...

World on knife edge over Ukraine

Bad time for Biden to flub Paris 21, January 00h15. Mark Porter The world's attention, already on the 127,000 strong Russian build-up on the Ukrainian border, was...

Belarus, Ukraine, Covid…. storm clouds over Christmas

Vienna, December 16, 2021 by Edward Steen, Secretary-General The world at the close of 2021 resembles one of those cruel, too-complicated stories. For our friends and...

Alarm over “imminent Russian invasion” of Ukraine

(es) Kyiv/ Vienna, November 26, 2021 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said today that a group of Russians and Ukrainians is planning to stage a coup...

Belarus – three women on the front line (or in prison)

Vienna, November 23, 2021 (NEW Reporting against all the odds in Belarus and fear of Putin re-invading Ukraine in December, 26/11/21, BBC report 29/11/21...

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