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Mon, 30 January 2023
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News In Brief

News in brief 07/03/22

♦ US secretary of state Antony Blinken has assured Lithuania and Latvia of NATO protection and American support as he made visits to two...

Ireland issues emergency plan for refugees

THE IRISH GOVERNMENT will use emergency planning powers to provide accommodation for people fleeing Ukraine, according to junior minister Damien English. An estimated 600 people...

Ukraine downs Russian fighter The Russian pilot is captured by Ukrainian self-defence forces after his plane is shot down on Saturday while on a bombing mission to Chernihiv,...

A matter of size? Ukraine vs Russia

In its seismic paradigm shift the EU last week earmarked €450 million ($503 million) for lethal arms, which includes air-defence systems, anti-tank weapons, ammunition,...

Profile of a hero: Zelensky

From costumed farceur to global hero in a bulletproof vest, Volodymyr Zelensky has captured the imagination of the world. A superhero next to the...

Exodus: latest

1.2 million have left. Humanitarian aid efforts.  

Israeli special forces joining Ukrainian ranks

Israeli ex-soldiers are now fighting the Russian army alongside Ukrainian troops, wishing to defend the country they emigrated from. News site Ynet has featured...

Ruble now worth less than a cent

Maps and war

Financial Times, 4 March 2022 John Gapper, London When Apple suspended sales of iPhones and other products in Russia this week, it also made a subtler...

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