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War comes home to Russians as thousands flee conscription

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es Vienna, September 25, 2022

Meduza, the amazing Russian publication-in-exile, reported last night on what Putin has now inflicted on his own people, as well as on Ukraine: As of 9:06pm Moscow time the project knew of 707 arrests in 32 cities. Most of those arrested were in Moscow

Voting begins in the four “republics” which Petin plans to keep for Russia

(over 300 people), St. Petersburg (over 100), and Novosibirsk (around 70). Insiders believe a secret protocol in Putin’s “partial mobilisation” could mean 1.2m   million more conscripts being sent to Ukraine, especially from poorer parts of Russia. However, the Chechen leader said the call-up would not apply to Chechnya, 20,000 of whose citizens had already been sent to Ukraine.


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