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Car-bomb death of Putin ideologue’s daughter

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es Vienna, August 21, 2022 (updated)

Ukrainian President Zelensky today emphatically denied – “don’t sow fear” – any Ukrainian involvement in the car-bomb death of 29-year-old Darya Darina, daughter of Putin confidant Alexander Dugin.

Dugin and his murdered daughter

An ultra-nationalist ideologue and Hitler sympathizer as well as a dabbler in black magic, Dugin, 60, is often called “Putin’s brain”, though insiders think his influence has been exaggerated. Certainly, he has long urged a Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Dugin is thought by the Russian authorities to have been the intended target. He and his daughter had been at the Tradition festival near Moscow, where Dugan gave a lecture at the Zakharovo estate, where the poet Alexander Pushkin passed some of his childhood. The Dugans were due to leave together on Saturday evening in Dugin’s car, before he reportedly decided at the last minute to travel separately.

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