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Writing under fire, Kiev and Moscow

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Vienna, July 14, 2022

In the second episode of Voxeurop‘s Archipelago Ukraine series, Bosnian writer and poet Faruk Sehic gives his view of the Russian invasion and the war. Sehic evokes a conflict whose horrors, violence, and ferocity inevitably

Faruk Sehic

recall those of the war in Jugoslavia. The latter, which he witnessed and participated in, and which has forever marked his life and work, broke out almost 30 years to the day before the war in Ukraine. According to Sehic, the same tenacity that helped Bosnians fight and recover from that war will enable Ukrainians to overcome their present ordeal: Article

Being an independent journalist in Russia has become almost impossible, with police repression, “foreign agent” laws and now heavy penalties for anyone who dares to criticise the “special military operation” in Ukraine or even call it a

Andrei Soldatov

“war”. From his exile in London, investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov writes of how he found himself on the FSB’s most wanted list, and how it has changed his life: Article.

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