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20 colleagues killed in Ukraine so far – journalism “tougher and tougher” ´-

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(ES) Vienna, May 5, 2022

But so are its defenders….

Mouthpiece of liberal capitalism since it was founded in 1843, the London Economist has undergone a transformation, in large part because of the war in Ukraine, into one of the fiercest defenders of the entire Western value system and of the free journalists whose work underpins it. Its message is now reaching well over 35m people worldwide.

Evacuation of 320 civilians from Mariupol steelworks

As the Ukrainian tragedy enters a new and ominous phase, the weekly’s voice is one of the most articulate defenders the kind of serious reportage and analysis on which free societies. It’s also notable how many women writers and editors – including at the Economist – are coming to the fore after such long male dominance of the profession.


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