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Ukraine – we have seen Russian tactics before

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…and maybe General Jaruselski really was a patriot

(ES) Vienna, April 7, 2022

A TV documentary by Jan Czarlewski  (Polish/Engish with French subtitles) about the crushing of Solidarnosc and the imposition of martial law on December  13, 1981 was watched by a TV audience of over a million in Poland in December 2021. AEJ Honorary President Otmar Lahodynsky (at 9.50) was among the eye-witnesses interviewed for the film besides Bernard Guetta, Prof Norman Davies, Wolf Biermann, and Rita Süssmuth, among others.

Gen Jaruzesksi with Gorbachev

The Soviet tank manoeuvres on the Polish border shown in the film are reminiscent of Ukraine now. Both Lahodynsky and the AEJ Secretary-General were correspondents in Poland during the 1980s, and have argued that General Wojciech Jaruzelski may have been unfairly traduced- as he insisted till his death he was – and that he prevented a much bloodier suppression of Solidarity and of the country which gave the movement birth.


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