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Tue, 7 December 2021
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Fake News & Disinformation

Serbia – beatings, harassment, and myth-making

Skip to content Serbia: media freedom and journalists in danger Brussels, May 7, 2021 ARTICLE 19's Media Freedom Rapid Response has published a disturbing report on its...

Spot misinformation online with these tips

The COVID-19 pandemic. Elections around the world. Fact-checkers worldwide have had a busy year. More than 50,000 new fact checks surfaced on Google Search over the...

Irina tells it like it is on TV

ES Vienna, 27 April 2021 Irina Nedeva, the AEJ's special representative on fake news and disinformation spoke on the main private Bulgarian TV channel today...

De-lousing the Web

We know from the latest Facebook whistleblower that there are plenty of governments and others hard at work telling us lies or misleading half-truths....

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