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Ukraine – first grain ship leaves despite grisly killings

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(es) Vienna, August 1, 2022

First grain ship leaves Odessa for Lebanon (photo Reuters)

Reuters reports that the first grain ship has just left Ukraine for Lebanon. Is this, finally, a glimmer of the hope promised after the painstaking agreement reached under UN auspices in Istanbul?  

Maybe it will bring some relief to the starving in the Horn of Africa.

Meanwhile, a terrible reckoning has to be made about the killing of dozens of Ukrainian prisoners-of-war in Russian-held eastern Ukraine. Each side blames the other. 

On a more cheerful note, Vogue has published a bright and intelligent interview with Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska (photographed by Annie Leibovitz). The president’s wife is also in peacetime his colleague as a comedy writer and has become a key element in the diplomatic and social media campaign to defend  Ukraine.

Less cheerfully, Russia immediately deployed an army of trolls to ridicule this powerful portrait of a brave woman.

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