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Ukraine – the China question

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Vienna, February 24, 2023

Coverage of the continuing war in Ukraine, as it enters its second year, has become complicated by rumours of possible Chinese support for Russia, and at the same time a 12-point Chinese “peace plan”. Ukrainian President Zelensky said today this was “a promising first step”. The new development was described in detail by the Kyiv Independent under the headline “a promising ‘first step'” .

China’s top diplomat Wang Yi told the London Guardian that his country would launch its peace initiative on the anniversary of Russia’s all-out war. He said the plan would underline the need to respect the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the UN Charter, considering the security interests of all countries, including Russia.

But as the Kyiv Independent noted:”Western intelligence remains concerned that China could supply lethal aid to Russia, given Chinese officials’ recent and planned trips to Moscow.”

In a commentary today in Vienna’s Die Presse (DE pay wall), the AEJ’s honorary president Otmar Lahodynsky argues: “No peace at any price”, and that no peace treaty should be imposed on Ukraine on Ukraine on Moscow’s or Beijing’s terms”

He says the Beijing regime has so far avoided taking a clear position on Russia’s war of aggression, only cautiously criticising Vladimir Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons. Otherwise, China’s President Xi Jinping has repeatedly declared his support for his “rock-solid” friend Putin. But, while accusing the USA of being a warmonger, he has not supplied him with weapons. Or not yet.

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