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Putin’s “special operation” becomes all-out war to freeze Ukraine

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es. Vienna, October 10, 2022

The early hours of today saw rockets rain down on at least 10 Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kiev, in apparent revenge for the destruction of Russia’s bridge to the Crimea on Saturday (08/10), and to mark 55-year-old Colonel General Sergei Surovikin‘s first day in charge of Putin’s botched “special operation”. 

Surovikin – veteran of Aghanistan and Syria

The evident intention, according to the Ukraine leadership, is to terrify the civilian population, knock out power plants, and ensure the winter is as hard as possible for Ukraine. 

In a televised address Putin warned that “no one should have any doubt” that Russia would defend itself. A meeting of Russia’s security council is taking place today to discuss the “act of terrorism” perpetrated on the Crimea bridge. Russia is more and more openly involving Belarus in the attacks. But its president Lukashenka’s status as hapless junior partner in the war has helped to reinvigorate the Belarusian opposition.

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