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Rebel Russian tv editor hired by prestigious German daily

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(MP/ SG)  April 12, 2022. A major German media outlet has, the BBC reports, hired Moscow journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, 43, as a correspondent for the German daily Die Welt to report from both Ukraine and Russia. Last month the mother of two teenage children stormed her Channel One employer’s main evening news with a dramatic anti-war placard, after which she was arrested and interrogated for 14 hours, deprives of both two nights’ sleep and any legal representation. It made international headlines.

Daughter of a Ukrainian father and Russian mother, she will appear both in print and on Die Welt‘s TV news channel. Die Welt stood for “what is being defended so vehemently by the courageous people on the ground in Ukraine right now,” she told the BBC. “Freedom.” 

Ulf Porschardt, editor-in-chief of the Axel Springer-owned  Welt Group, said the on-air protest “defended the most important journalistic ethics – despite the threat of state repression…I am excited to be working with her”.

Ms Ovsyannikova was issued with a 30,000 rouble ($280) fine for also posting a powerful  anti-war video online. Only the Russian people had the power to “stop all this madness”, she said.

She left her job as an editor at the state-controlled station and announced from hiding that she would not be accepting an offer of asylum in France; she wanted to stay in Russia even though she feared for her safety.

Image shows Marina Ovsyannikova
Detained after she interrupted live tv news to denounce  lies being about told about the Ukraine war 

She could still face further prosecution under Russian law, risking years in prison under a new penal code that criminalises spreading “fake news” about the Russian “special military operation” against Ukraine which it is now forbidden to call it a war. In one interview she said: “I am enemy No. 1 here”  and spoke of rumours of high-ranking officials pressing for criminal charges for “hooliganism”..

 Her 17-year-old son had taken her actions especially hard, she told France 24., accusing her of “destroying all our lives.” She said she hoped that in time he would understand why she had done what she had done:  “In  life, you have to react and make decisions that are often complicated.”



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