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Russian warship sunk in Black Sea

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Cannes, Monday 14 March 2022

by Mark Porter

The Russian warship that bombed Snake Island on the Black Sea on the first day of the invasion of Ukraine has been destroyed. This may not be the world’s most up to date report of the war, but this film clip is worth seeing.

The large patrol corvette, the Vasily Bykov, was destroyed in a missile attack near the port city of Odesa last week. The Russian naval vessel had asked Ukrainian border guards on Snake Island — some 40 km (25 miles) from the border with Romania — to surrender or “be hit with a bomb strike.”

The rather smart Ukrainians lured the bigger vessel in close to the shore with a tiny coastal patrol boat, then whacked the Vitaly Bykov with a guided missile from the shore. “The Russians seem to be outsmarted all the time by the Ukrainians. If it was a chess match they would have lost by now,” said the AEJ’s strategic boffin, Ray Dargai.

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