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Russia’s gruesome war on Ukraine one year on

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by Edward Steen, Vienna, February 23, 2024

View of Bayswater Road, London, today

This morning  the Russian embassy in London found its street-view painted for half a kilometer in the Ukrainian colours, ahead of tomorrow´s anniversary of the disaster visited on Ukraine – and much of the planet – by the launch of President Putin’s so-called “military operation” on Russia’s neighbour.

Women journalists prominent on the frontline

A statement linked below, embargoed for publication until 08.30 CET tomorrow morning, has been agreed by the AEJ and other partner organisations of the Council of Europe’s Safety of Journalists Platform to mark that first anniversary.

+ 2014. Russian human rights activist, reporter, fixer Andrei Mironov

It includes – in French as well as English – a photo gallery and  background Information on a war which has seen many hundreds of journalists working as war correspondents, often at great risk to themselves. About 20 have been killed from the beginning, which was not in reality a year ago but in spring 2014.

Among the most serious and comprehensive commentaries has been that of Yale professor and historian Timothy Snyder in a PBS interview, in which he says:  “Putin helps us understand him by publishing a 7,000-word essay about his own views about history, and in that essay he makes it clear that he doesn’t really believe that Ukraine has any kind of independent existence; there isn’t really a Ukrainian state; there isn’t really a Ukrainian nation…” (See PBS transcript).

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