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Deadlock in Putin’s war. Meanwhile bombings continue, with fears of nuclear explosions at Zaporizhzhia

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es Vienna, August 19, 2022

Numerous diplomatic moves yesterday to try to avoid what the visiting UN Secretary-General Gutierrez, President Erdogan of Turkey, and Ukrainian President Zelensky say risks becoming another Chornobyl at Zaporizhzhia, Europe’s largest nuclear plant, now under Russian control. Details of visit on Deutsche Welle.

Elsewhere on Day 176 of the war, Eurotopics provides an excellent round-up of press reaction to explosions in occupied Crimea, with useful links to related stories.

Rescuers at work in Kharkiv after more bombings (Photo: Reuters)

War in deadlock?

…says Zelensky. Many experts agree it could go on for a very long time, having after all started in 2014. Meanwhile, sudden personnel changes on the Russian side include the firing of its Black Sea commander. Turmoil at a senior level in Ukraine’s government too following the sacking of senior officials a month ago, with accusations of spookery and betrayal.

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