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Ukraine – attacks intensify. 21 colleagues killed since war began

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ES. Vienna, April 16, 2022

The humiliation of losing the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet, the Moskva, is being avenged with intensive missile attacks on the Ukrianian capital Kiev, Lviv, and Kharkiv, according to Reuters reports. In a news roundup today the Ukranian news agency said 21 journalists had been killed since the full-scale war began, with Russian losses so far of 20,100 men, 762 tanks, 163 aircraft, and 145 helicopters.

The Moskva, flagship sunk after explosions

The savage destruction – captured in this Reuters drone footage – being visited on the besieged seaport of Mariupol continues in what the Russian army hopes will bring its first and most strategically significant victory.  AP reports the mayor saying the streets of his city were littered with corpses. Many thousands, in what was once a city of some 450,00, have been killed in the worst humanitarian disaster of the war. Mariupol saw the bombing of a maternity hspital, and the deliberate starvation of hundreds sheltering in the ruins of its theatre.






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