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Freedom from Iran for journalist who wasn’t a journalist

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COMMENT Anatomy of very British scandal that cost woman six years of her life 

by Edward Steen. Vienna, March 16, 2022  Updated with BBC documentary 17/03/22

It has taken the long-overdue repayment of 400 million UKP, owed to Iran since 1979 (a matter of Chieftain tanks that were never delivered)-  for a British-Iranian woman aid worker visiting her mother to be freed after six years in detention, and an indefatigable  internationa campaign.

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Former journalist Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, notorious for sloppiness about detail, had as foreign secretary denied she was a spy, and said Nazadin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was “simply teaching people journalism” – a statement her family and her employer both said was nonsense

But Johnson’s offhand remark in parliament was then cited as proof by Iranian prosecutors that Nazadin, a young aid worker who’d wanted her mother to meet her little daughter Gabrielle, was engaged in “propaganda against the regime”.
Her release today, along with another British-Iranian hostage, is one of those heartbreaking stories beloved of the popular press, complete with a belated reunion of Nazadin with now seven-year-old Gabrille.
Maybe in truth nothing really mattered to the authorities, either of them, except the money owed by the UK for nearly half a century – which the British government falsely said was not relevant. As the late former UK premier Edward Heath once remarked: “No-one cares less about its own population than Britain. I should know – I used to run this place.”


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