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Prizewinning UK tv channel reprieved from selloff

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Vienna, February 28, 2023

by Edward Steen

The innovative UK tv station Channel 4 News has been saved from being broken up and sold off by the British state after a determined campaign to save it, including by the AEJ.

State-owned, but never subsidised, Channel 4 was originally inspired by former PM Margaret Thatcher with a brief to be “disruptive”. 

But once (ex-journalist) Boris Johnson came to power, every effort has been made to stop that,  along with other critical or independent voices, leading to such phenomena as Byline Times.  Channel 4 has remained determinedly independent, and solvent, throughout its existence.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy

But its its often critical reportage on the Conservative government, and the voice of star presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy, have resulted in constant threats get rid of it. News of these plans being scrapped has been widely welcomed, not least by AEJ members who campaigned for its survival.


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