Sat, 18 May 2024


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Europe is celebrating today.

Until a few months ago we were celebrating the Peace that we have been celebrating for 70 years. Now the peace and freedom of the people, the obvious, is in danger.

Europe is going through a crisis and we must all unite together to face it. Now more than ever Europe needs us and we need it.

It is the future of our children, the future of future generations. We must create a safe environment for all citizens. And for journalists too. The public’s faith in journalists is being shaken and it has a lot to do with the internet.

In the misinformation and fake news they deliberately spread to shake the foundation with it. More than ever today we need to have a clear mind to make the right decisions and protect the future of European citizens. For a creative and pluralistic Europe we all have to try very hard.

We are fighting every day and will continue to fight to give the world the best conditions it needs for its future and for the present. We must learn from our history and not repeat the mistakes of the past. Only together can we do it.

And don’t forget that the future belongs to the bold.

Isaia Tsaousidou

AEJ, Int. President

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