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EP President first visitor to Kiev from EU institutions

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by Edward Steen, Vienna March 3, 2022

In Kiev as the first leader from the EU institutions, EP President Roberta Metsola promised Ukrainian parliamentarians support in their aim of joining the EU. “We know what blood was built to get here and we will not let you down.” she told Ukraine’s parliament.

“This invasion of your country puts Russia in direct confrontation with Europe, the international community, and the rules-based world order. And it is not something that we will let Putin do unchallenged,” Metsola also told the parliament in her address.

Roberta Metsola walking to the Ukrainian parliament, Kiev

She promised that the EU would help to rebuild Ukrainian cities and towns when the war in the country is over. “We will help you rebuild your cities and your towns when this illegal, unprovoked and unnecessary war is over,” she said, promising that “we will take care of the Ukrainian families that have been forced to flee until the day they can safely return to their homes”. Yesterday (02/03/22)  she visited Otwock School in the Warsaw region. It is hosting Ukrainian refugees.

During its March session, the EP gave the green light to redirect EU regional and asylum funding to EU countries sheltering people fleeing from Russia’s invasion and adopted the Cohesion’s Action for Refugees in Europe (CARE)
Following the activation on March 3 of temporary protection status for refugees from Ukraine – giving them temporary residence rights and access to education and the labour market – the EU is working on a 10-point plan to enhance the common EU response.
During the April plenary, MEPs will discuss with Council and Commission what the EU can do to protect children fleeing war in Ukraine, in particular from trafficking and exploitation, about which UNICEF is especially concerned.

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