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AI faking Zoom conversations

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ES, Vienna  April 23, 2021

Russian misinformation has gone beyond fake facts about jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, creating fake interviews using Artificial Intelligence to mislead European politicians, it emerged today.  Navelny’s health is deteriorating and his doctors have urged him to abandon immediately his hunger strike, now into its 22nd day, if he is to survive.  

Putin’s Kremlin is so weak and frightened of the strength of @navalny they’re conducting fake meetings to discredit the Navalny team,” tweeted Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the UK parliament’s foreign affairs committee. They (Russian media) got through to me today. They won’t broadcast the bits where I call Putin a murderer and thief, so I’ll put it here.”  

Rihards Kols, chairman of the Latvian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, and his counterparts in Estonia and Lithuania have all been targeted after Estonia offered Navalny asylum yesterday.  Kols was amazed at what he found on his computer screen  “Looks like my real face – but how did they manage to put it on the Zoom call? Welcome to the deepfake era.”

Kols uploaded a photograph of Leonid Volkov, an ally of Navalny, and a screenshot of his doppelgänger taken from the video call. Volkov told correspondents in Moscow that he and his double looked virtually identical.

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