Sat, 25 May 2024

The AEJ backs urgent call for release of Turkish photo-journalist and all media workers abducted or detained in Syria

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Turkey’s G-9 Platform of journalists associations has called for immediate release of photo-journalist Bunyamin Aygun kidnapped in Syria. The Association of European Journalists, a network of journalists across Europe, urges all governments to do everything in their power to bring about the release of all media workers abducted or detained in the Syrian conflict.


The G-9 Platform, an umbrella for 11 leading Turkish journalists associations including the AEJ Turkey, has called for the release of Turkish photojournalist Bunyamin Aygun, who was kidnapped by al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Syria.

The G-9 Platform which asked the Turkish government and Foreign Ministry and the opposition parties to step up their efforts on this issue, also calls for international solidarity for the release of Aygun.

Aygun is an award-winning photo-journalist working for the Milliyet daily. He was kidnapped by opposition groups about 3 weeks ago in Syria, where he was sent by his newspaperto take photos.

“Journalist are not a part of the wars they are covering, they are not the enemy. They are non-combatants in a conflict zone who try to inform the public truly. Bunyamin Aygun should immediately be released” said the G-9 Platform statement.

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