Sat, 25 May 2024

Former President of AEJ Italy, Donato Barbano (87) died

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Donato Barbano, former President of the Italian Section (2004-2007) died on 16 March at the age of 87. In his home region Basilicata, Donato was known for his long activity as a correspondent for local and national press and the regional services of Italian radio.

His village, Maschito, in the province of Potenza, south-west Italy, is part of a area where Albanians settled in 16th Century as Turks invaded their country. Donato Barbano helped the foundation of the association “Basilicata Arbereshe” (Albanian Basilicata) and defended local heritage everywhere he could. Italian Section President Nuccio Fava and General Secretary Carmelo Occhino presented the AEJ condolences to the family at the funeral Mass held on 17 March in Maschito.

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