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AEJ Journalism Awards 2010

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Konstantinos Zoulas, Marina Kourmpela, Euagellia Kritikou, Giannis Papadimitriou and Nikos Mpakounakis were the
awarded journalists for the 2010 ‘Konstantin Kalligas’ Awards *) of the Greek section of the AEJ, while well known Hungarian journalist Jozsef Martin was honoured with the Journalism Prize of the international AEJ. Honours were also given to the Hellenic Management Association (EEDE) and the private school of journalism IEK DOMI in Athens.

The awards were presented by Mr. Rapanos, the new president of National Bank of Greece, the sponsor of the awards and the event.

*) Konstantinos Kalligas was cofounder – together with Athanase Papandropoulos – of the Greek section of the Association of European Journalists. Kalligas stood out for his character, his European orientation, his perceptivity and his acuteness on the analysis of political subjects. He fought with his soul so that Greece is worthy of her history and he contributed everything possible so that our country is a member of European Economics Community.

As an effective journalist he tried to find a right and peaceful solution for the Cyprus dispute.

He was honoured for his total work and his morality from the Institute of Journalism Elevation and also from the Italian Academy.

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