Sat, 25 May 2024

AEJ Conference Part 2: Workshop brings media freedom threats into focus

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The Media Freedom Workshop was the final session of the Dublin Congress. About 100 members debated the growing threats to journalistic freedom from undue interference and censorship. The OSCEa€™s Media Freedom Representative Miklos Haraszti welcomed as a€?excellent? the AEJa€™s 20-country Survey a€?Goodbye to Freedom?a€™ William Horsley, the Surveya€™s editor, was in the chair. Special guests include Paul Gillespie, Foreign Policy Editor of The Irish Times and Manana Aslamazyan, President of Internews Europe

The first part of the Workshop, called Watchdogs or Lapdogs?, focused on political, legal and commercial pressures on the media. The second part, entitled Media for Sale?, explored what the media can do to stop the corruption of independent-minded journalism and maintain high professional standards. Many of the authors of the AEJ survey participated in the debate. Click here for more text.

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