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The Al-Jazeera office in a Jerusalem hotel has been raided and closed down by the Israeli authorities, who accuse the Qatar-based news organisation of being a Hamas mouthpiece.

The BBC reported: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the cabinet agreed to the closure while the war in Gaza is ongoing.

Police raided the Qatari broadcaster’s office at the Ambassador hotel in Jerusalem on Sunday.

Al Jazeera called claims it was a threat to Israeli security a “dangerous and ridiculous lie”.

The channel said it reserved the right to “pursue every legal step”.

A video posted by the minister on X shows police officers and inspectors from the ministry entering a hotel room.

A BBC team visited the scene, but was prevented from filming or going into the hotel by police. According to Reuters news agency, the Israeli satellite service Yes displayed a message that read: “In accordance with the government decision, the Al Jazeera station’s broadcasts have been stopped in Israel.”

The blockage is effectively only partial as the channel is still accessible through Facebook in Israel.


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