Sat, 18 May 2024


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We are watching with horror the war that is taking place in Israel and Palestine after the terrorist strike by Hamas.

The international community has to condemn such terrorist attacks. Civilians are killed every day by the murderous rage of some who in the name of their own “justice” decided to execute innocent people by taking everyone by surprise.

This blind blow opened the “Windbag of Aeolus” and unfortunately their fury does not stop there. Their decision to continue the terrorist attacks at any cost has brought terror and disturbance to international public opinion.

We condemn any such action aimed at the loss of human life. Families are murdered in the most brutal and despicable way. This war does not belong in the 21st century. The hatred and murderous rage of terrorists must stop now. Acts of hatred and intolerance do not fit in modern civilized society.

We hope that this madness that only leaves dead people in its wake will end. Reason should prevail and the hostilities should stop here and now. Our democracy does not discriminate.

Everyone has the right to the precious right of life. The international community should immediately intervene in order to peacefully resolve this conflict which has only caused harm and much pain.

Isaia Tsaousidou

AEJ, Int. President

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