Sat, 25 May 2024

Letter from our Armenian section

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Liana Sayadyan, head of our Section in Armenia, has written as follows: 

Dear colleagues,

We wish you a fruitful assembly in Vlorë. You will understand our reasons for missing the meeting: the ongoing war in Nagorno-Karabakh and the very tense political situation in Armenia.

At present we are waiting to see what will happen to the
population of Karabakh. First they were blockaded for 9
months by Azerbaijan. Now, after the new attack on
September 19, they are hostages.

Hundreds have been killed, thousands are missing. The
wounded can get no help from Armenia because the only
corridor is closed by Azerbaijan forces and Russia’s so-called peacekeepers.

Armenia’s internal political situation is also tense. People are protesting and also demanding that the UN evacuate the 120 thousand people of Karabakh under its mandate. The opposition is trying to use the situation to oust the

These are hard times for us. I hope AEJ members will cover the situation with sympathy, and bring this tragedy to the attention of their audience and political authorities.

With warmest regards
Liana Sayadyan

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