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Much-derided “Project Fear” comes true for UK Conservatives

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es. Vienna, October 20, 2022  updated 22/10/22

The saga of the UK’s shameful decline is all too familiar, and the Economist‘s verdict on Liz Truss’s record-beating premiership (at 45 days she was Britain’s shortest-serving prime minister since 1900) is only slightly tart:

from the Guardian, London – artist Chris Riddell

“Number 10 Downing Street may as well install a revolving door. Ms Truss is the fourth consecutive Tory PM to resign; her successor will be Britain’s fourth leader in as many years. The instability only adds to the enormous challenges facing the country: long-standing issues of stagnant growth, a rocky post-Brexit future, an acute inflation crisis, and a self-inflicted run-in with bond markets. Ms Truss’s demise is also humiliating for her party. Its chances of winning re-election–sometime between now and January 2025–appear slim.

“When she made the final round in the leadership contest to replace Boris Johnson (who lasted three years), Ms Truss thanked her supporters by mistakenly tweeting that she was “ready to hit the ground from day one”. On that, at least, she kept her promise.”

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