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Ukraine updates February 23,2022

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by Edward Steen, Vienna 23, 2022

Map: Possible Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Possible route for Russian invasion of Ukraine (courtesy Businessinsider)

The UN Security Council met today and discussed Russia’s aggression in eastern Ukraine and recognition of two so-called “people’s republics” in two breakaway enclaves in eastern Ukraine, Donetsk and Lougansk, amid repeated calls for immediate and determined western solidarity against this ominous move by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Experts speculate that Putin’s next move may be to annexe the remainder of eastern Ukraine, a state whose legitimacy Putin now disputes altogether.

Meanwhile western Europe is bracing itself for yet another refugee crisis.

Live updates from Al Jazeera 

♦ Today (Feb 23) in NYT – Madeleine Albright on Putin’s “historic mistake”


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