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Helena Kennedy and eight empty aeroplane seats

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London, December 1, 2021.

from Daniele Hamamdjian, CTV National News Correspondent

“This is Schindler’s List time” – Helena Kennedy

Helena Kennedy was at home in North London when she received an urgent call. A distinguished human rights lawyer, she had engineered the escape of an Afghan judge, along with another 25 of her colleagues and their families.

But one of the women was refusing to get on the chartered plane without her husband, she was told. He had been denied boarding because of an expired passport. The Afghan judge calling London thought Baroness Kennedy was related to the Queen and could surely pull some strings. Kennedy told her: “If you leave now and take the children I will do everything in my power to get him out.” But could she guarantee it? “No,” she told the judge. Read more.


♦ How Baroness Kennedy persuaded Athens to shelter 700 Afghan women professionals, including many journalists

♦ Unsettled life of endangered Afghan professionals flown to Canada

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