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Bulgarian journalists unite behind the #NoPornJournalism campaign; AEJ Bulgaria makes a Declaration for ethical journalism

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Bulgarian journalists unite behind the #NoPornJournalism campaign; AEJ-Bulgaria makes a Declaration for ethical journalism

Bulgarian journalists have united against the practice in their country for politicians in power to take matters into their own hands and quarrel with public figures and others related to them through dirt and slander in yellow press.

More than one hundred Bulgarian journalists and leading media outlets called upon local politicians to cease legitimizing the yellow press that pours praise on those in power and harms all who criticize them while receiving financial incentives to do so. Over the years there have been hundreds of lawsuits filed and won by journalists and public figures against such media outlets.

Lawsuits are usually for invasion of privacy, portraying children and aggressive altercations. Often critical voices among journalists and entire editorial offices that publish critical investigations against members of government, the governing majority in Parliament, prosecutors and judges are the subject of intense “scrutiny” from the tabloid yellow press and websites.

In the meantime, according to the Association of European Journalists, there is evidence of financial motivation from those in power towards a tabloid website that last Friday spread the slanderous and pornographic content against the leader of an opposition party. The funds were provided to the edition, alongside other similar ones, on various occasions, mostly related to elections. A fresh example is the European Parliament campaign in May 2019.

The formal reason for the reaction of dozens of publications and hundreds of journalists countrywide is the publishing of obscene images of unknown origin of an unknown woman, allegedly linked to one of the Sofia mayoral candidates.

According to the most recent Reporters Without Borders ranking, Bulgaria is 111th in freedom of speech globally, the lowest position for an EU Member State.


AEJ announces the #NoPornJournalism initiative

The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria firmly condemns the pornographic filth published on the PIK website, and announces an initiative to restrict the funding of such “journalism”.

Although public figures are seen as having a lower level of protection of private life on accountof their postition and role in society, there are boundaries that should not be crossed and the material at hand is far beyond them. However, it concerns not only a political figure, but also a person allegedly related to them, which is not a public nor political figure, thus benefiting from the right to complete respect for private life.

In addition to seeking to humiliate and defame certain individuals, this act is dangerous to the entire society since the material, the authenticity of which is unchecked and dubious, has been published as dirt regarding the upcoming local elections, aiming to influence electoral attitudes. In this case there is no public interest that could in any way possible justify publishing the images. This is far from the first example of ethical and professional standards violation on behalf of the publication which enjoys the favor of politicians and representatives of the judiciary.

The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria insists that the political persons protecting PIK website take responsibility. The PIK website has become a semiofficial organ, pouring dirt on all critics of the authorities. This process is not an expression of the free will of the website owners. There is data on financial motivation coming from those in power towards the website that spreads slander and pornographic content.

According to information about contracts with political parties, concluded during the European Parliament Elections, published on the website, four political parties – GERB, Ataka, IMRO and NFSB – are customers of PIK. At the time of concluding the contracts, all four are part of the governing coalition.
In the meantime, there is data that state and municipal institutions conclude service contracts with PIK via intermediaries.

AEJ-Bulgaria calls upon all institutions that have or have had a contract with the website to make this information public and to reconsider their agreements.
AEJ will begin to collect and publish data on which institutions direct taxpayers’ money towards such a website. We call upon organizations and private companies to do the same. Reassure yourselves that no advertisement of yours is in any way present there as it would not be a good attestation for your customers to see your products near pornographic or defamatory content.

#NoPornJournalism Initiative :
We call on institutions, organizations, political parties and others to join the #NoPornJournalism Initiative by sending a message to [email protected] pledging not to advertise in sites and other media that spread slander and dirt. Rather than supporting pornographic journalism, we can help the undisputed professionals in the sector. For years, AEJ has been working with this aim – to create a community of journalists who believe in professional standards and to create an appropriate working environment for them.

Below is an example of the message you can send to [email protected]:

“As a legal representative of ………., I commit that the organization I represent will not directly or via an intermediary advertise in media services providers that do not adhere to the Ethical Code of Bulgarian Journalists. I hereby authorize the AEJ-Bulgaria team to notify me if they find an advertisement of the organization I represent in such media. I would like to have the name of the organization I represent added to the list of those joining the initiative in support of journalism in Bulgaria, abiding by professional and ethical standards.”


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