Thu, 23 May 2024

AEJ President calls election contest in France a wake-up call for Europe

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Otmar Lahodynsky, president of the AEJ, made this personal comment following the result of the presidential election in France: “The victory of Emmanuel Macron in France is a good sign for the future and viability of the European Union. And again, after recent elections in Austria and the Netherlands, this was another proof that populists and EU-opponents can be defeated. I congratulate the new French President and the French people – and our French section of AEJ- on this landmark decision. But Macron’s victory should be a reminder that reforms in the EU are necessary to win back the trust of EU citizens. Unemployment, social injustice and inequalities, a widening gap between rich and poor, tax-evasion, but also xenophobia and uncontrolled immigration with a lack of solidarity among member states have to be addressed more seriously. The EU has to show more activities in areas where national governments have already arrived at their limits. It could give back minor issues to them.”

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