Sat, 25 May 2024

AEJ asks the EU to grant renewal to Euranet Plus’ service contract

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The Association of European Journalists wishes to express its concern about the threatened termination of the Euranet Plus radio service for listeners across Europe at the end of its service contract with the European Commission in March 2017.

The AEJ expresses its support to Euranet Plus and asks the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to adopt the budget tabled by the Culture and Budget committees for ensuring “a stable financing framework for the future of existing pan-European networks of local and national media moving into the digital age, funded under this appropriation (radio, television, internet, etc.), such as Euranet Plus”.
The AEJ also asks the Commission to consider renewing Euranet Plus’ funding, provided the adequate budget is voted. At a time when European Affairs get relatively little attention by mainstream  media (or are denigrated by them, as was largely the case in the UK referendum campaign) and the very existence of the European Union is at stake under the pressure of Eurosceptic movements, the AEJ believes it would be highly damaging for EU citizens to lose an independent network that brings together 18 radio stations in 16 countries and 14 languages and which produces at least 75 minutes each week about EU news.
 Euranet Plus reaches up to 22 million daily listeners in Europe. The above Resolution was adopted by members of the AEJ meeting at the association’s annual General Assembly in Kilkenny Ireland on Saturday 5 November, 2016.

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