Fri, 21 June 2024

The AEJ President comments on the Brexit vote

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In a personal statement following the initial responses and contacts among European leaders and institutions after the announcement of the result of the UK’s referendum and the decision of Prime Minister David Cameron to resign, AEJ President Otmar Lahodynsky said the following:

On June 28th, the European Parliament in Brussel passed a resolution asking for “a relaunch of the European project”. It added that “The will expressed by the people must be entirely and fully respected”.

The MEPs called for an early start to negotiations about Britain leaving the EU. But some independent experts have claimed that the result of the referendum on June 23rd was affected by misleading statements in the campaign, especially by representatives of the “leave“ campaign headed by the Conservative politician and former EU correspondent Boris Johnson, as well as distorted reports – mainly about immigration- published in various British media.

The AEJ will itself look into these allegations, and with the support of its British section consider  the evidence for such manipulations of the facts by EU-opponents. It is not credible to suggest that a simple shift of political decisions from common institutions to nation states can solve major problems of Europe like terrorism, migration and climate change.
Otmar Lahodynsky   AEJ-President

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