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AEJ Journalist delegation visit to Northern Cyprus

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In April, a delegation of 9 journalists/AEJ-members from different European countries went on a fact-finding-mission to Northern Cyprus organised by the local press-workers’ trade union, Basin-Sen. The group had meetings with PM Irsen Kucuk, former President Ali Talat, leaders of all major parties and businessmen. They visited the contact-bureau of the EU in Lefkosia/Nicosia and took part in debates in local universities about current problems of journalism. The isolation of the TRNC, only officially recognised by Turkey, could be felt widely. The Turkish Cypriots are EU-citizens but are disappointed by many unfulfilled promises made to them by the EU. There is a growing danger of a brain drain as many young Turkish Cypriots leave the island because they see no future and little job-opportunities in their home country. Ahead of the forthcoming EU-presidency of the Republic of Cyprus the future of the divided island gets more attention. Unfortunately, a solution of the Cyprus problem is not in sight.

(Otmar Lahodynsky, head of the AEJ delegation)

Click below for publications from members:

– Edward L. Figee, journalist and member of the AEJ-delegation

– Jeni Koleva, Bulgaria

– AEJ Bulgaria

– Dogan Tilic, Turkey

– Ilya Topper (EFE, Istanbul)

– Ivan Radev, Romania

– Otmar Lahodynsky, Austria

– Otmar Lahodynsky, Austria (Profil magazine)

– Christophe Midol-Monnet

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