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IPI selects Taipei to host 2011 World Congress

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Alison Bethel McKenzie, acting director of the IPI, stated that Taipei is a vibrant cultural and science and technology center, saying she believes the 2011 World Congress will be an enriching experience.

Duncan Wang, chief executive officer of the United Daily News Group and head of the Republic of China chapter of the IPI, introduced Taiwan’s development in recent years during the closing ceremony of this year’s congress. He received several rounds of applause during his speech. “I guarantee that the IPI World Congress in Taipei will be a wonderful event, and I invite everyone to come meet in the city next year,” he said.

Founded in 1950, the IPI is a global organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of press freedom and the improvement of journalism practices. It has members in over 120 countries and is one of only a minority of international bodies that include an ROC member.

Noting that 2011 marks the Republic of China’s 100th founding anniversary, Wang said the IPI’s selection of Taipei as the host city for the organization’s annual conference is a significant event.

The IPI’s just-concluded 59th General Assembly was co-hosted by Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia Sept. 11 to 14. Nearly 400 media executives, leading journalists and editors from around the world took part in the gathering.

During the congress, eight journalists were named IPI World Press Freedom Heroes in honor of their great courage in defending this universal right over the years.

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