Tue, 16 April 2024

WPFD in Moldova: stimulating citizens to speak freely!

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On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, AEJ Moldova organised different actions to promote the civic spirit of Moldovan citizens. These actions continue even now. We want to stimulate citizens to speak freely about what they think and to take part in the changing society of the Republic of Moldova which is seriously affected by 8 years of communist government. We announced our campaign in the press.

• On WPFD, in the weekly Ziarul de Garda, we have appointed Six Heroes of Our Days, people who are important for the democracy in Moldova.

• AEJ members participated in approaching the Moldovan Government, demanding better conditions for the free press. Consequently, Parliament has to adopt a resolution that would exempt the press from the fee for advertising.

• AEJ members attend weekly different actions to promote reading. We are, with other journalists, present in the Stefan cel Mare Public Garden, urging the public to read and debate important news topics.

(Report by Aneta Grosu, President of AEJ Moldova)

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