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AEJ France: Seven political conferences/debates for EP elections

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During the last 3 months, AEJ France set up a series of political conferences/debates for the European Parliament elections in the Centre d’accueil de la presse etrangère, in the Grand Palais in Paris:

– Pervenche Berès (Parti Socialiste) –  n°2 on the Paris list, chair of the Economic and Monetary Affairs committee of the European Parliament  (May 20th )
– Omar Slaouti , n°1 on the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste list (far-left) (May 13th)
– Michel Barnier, n°1 for the  Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP, party of the government and the president) and Minister of Agriculture and Fishing (April 22nd )
– Daniel Cohn-Bendit , n°1 on Green list (April 16th)
– Nicolas Dupont-Aignant , no. 1 ‘Debout la République’ (souverainist) (April 14th)
– Jean François Kahn, Modem – Mouvement Democrate, (March 18th)

– The last conference/debate will take place June 2nd with Jean-Luc Sauron, author of ‘Le Parlement européen, tout savoir en 30 questions’.

AEJ France had also a partnership with the institutional website  and moderated and animated their debate cyclus.

For more information contact Fabrice Pozzoli-Montenay, secretary-general AEJ France: [email protected] or have a look on the website of AEJ France

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