Mon, 22 July 2024

AEJ Executive Committee meets in Athens

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Thanks to the legendary hospitality of AEJ Greece, the members of the Executive Committee gathered again in the Greek capital, not only for their bi-annual meeting but also as special guests in the ceremonies for the AEJ European Journalism Prize and the Konstantinos Kalligas Award (both sponsored by the National Bank of Greece).

Mr. Aggelos Markopoulos, member of the Greek Parliament, was one of the guest speakers (see picture) during the Executive Committee Meeting. For the first time the Serbian AEJ section gave acte de presence in an ExCom meeting by their president Miloje Popovits. Dutch AEJ section secretary-general Fred Sanders told the meeting that his section is looking for the opportunity to host the 2008 AEJ Congress in Maastricht, an historical place for Europe!

AEJ Media Freedom Representative William Horsley reported that an Update of the AEJ Media Freedom Survey Goodbye to Freedom? would be launched in Brussels (in the Residence Palace) on February 28. He also urged the AEJ sections to organise their national World Press Freedom Day 2008 event.

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