Sat, 25 May 2024

EESC/AEJ Seminar on ’Local and regional media

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30 June, in cooperation with the Association of European Journalists (AEJ), the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) organised a seminar entitled Local and Regional Media and European Awareness. The purpose of the meeting in Brussels was to discuss the topic, using presentations, a recent study by the University of Twente and the experience of journalists from more then 20 countries (most of them members of the AEJ Executive Committee) attending the seminar.

Introductions to the program were made by Roger Briesch, EESC’s Vice-President, and AEJ’s President Fernando de Valenzuela, who thanked the EESC for making the attendance of so many European journalists possible.

Very interesting presentations were given by Willy Helin, the European Commission’s Representative in Belgium, Karel Govaert, EESC’s Director of Communication and Alexandra Klenke, EESC’s specialist on media in the new Member States.

Prof. Erwin Seydel (University of Twente) presented a recent study carried out on local and regional media and European current affairs and European institutions.

After a fruitful and vivid debate Willy Helin, Prof. Erwin Seydel, EESC-member Miklos Barabas and AEJ Belgium’s President Michel Theys concluded. Patrick Venturini, Secretary-General of the EESC closed the event.

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