Sat, 25 May 2024

AEJ Romania organises debate about Bukovski’s new book

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The debate about Bukovski new book ‚Europe – a new Soviet Union?’ can be considered as the perfect opportunity for a serious discussion about burning issues regarding Romania’s integration in the European Union.

AEJ Romania (AZIR) is focussing on making the Romanian population aware of the objectives demanded by EU. The participants of the debate were Dan C.Mihailescu, renown literary critic, writer and TV journalist; Adrian Cioroianu, historian and Member of the European Parliament (Liberal Party); Professor Toma Roman of the Faculty of Social Science; Armand Gosu, historian specialised in issues regarding the former Soviet Union and its archives; members of NGOs, members of AZIR and other journalists.

The aim of the debate, chaired by AZIR’s secretary-general Jela Doina, was to encourage Romanian citizens to take time to reflect on what the real aims and the real complications are, what ‚Europe’ really means, signifies and what the implications of Romania’s integration in EU would be.

For more information: AZIR, Jela Doina ([email protected])

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