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Fri, 25 June 2021
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About the AEJ

Annual Congress 2011 – Bucharest

The 2011 annual congress was held in Bucharest on 10-12 November. All AEJ sections thank our Romanian Section for organising a successful and memorable...

Annual Congress 2010 – Ordu

From 7 till 11 October, representatives from 24 national sections of the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) and several associated journalist organisations, gathered in...

Annual Congress 2009 – Maastricht

Organised by its Dutch section, the Association of European Journalists held its annual congress this year in Maastricht, from November 19 to 22. More...

‘Ireland and Italy: culture and values’

Enzo Farinella’s (member of AEJ Ireland) new book ‘Ireland and Italy: culture and values’ about the roots of European personalistic humanism, is published by...

New publications by two prominent AEJ members: Attilio Compasso and Kevin D’ Arcy

- Compasso’s book "Extracomunitari in Europa", about immigration, racism and xenophobia in the European Union, is published by Gangemi Editore, Rome (ISBN 88-7448-606-5). You...

Annual Congress 2008 – Linz

The 2008 Congress/General Assembly of the Association of European Jounalists (AEJ), organised by Otmar Lahodynsky, AEJ Austria President, in the Austrian city of Linz, became...

Latest news

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