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Hungary’s Orban – new hero of the US right

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es Vienna, August 13, 2022

He has been called “the enemy within”, and is a favourite of Donald Trump. Hence Viktor Orbán’s glorious time being wined and dined and cheered to the rafter by the  proto-fascist annual CPAC get-together in solidly RepublicanTexas.

“I’m here to tell you that we should unite our forces,” he told his audience. Increasingly alienated from European democracies in western Europe, Orbán and his hostility to immigrants and liberalism – especially LGBT etc despite the lurid Brussels orgy involving one of his closest allies – have made him the darling of the MAGA-aligned American right.

Orbán’s timing may be off, however. Ex-US President Trump, the central figure at CPAC, could be on the brink of arrest following the FBI raid on his 126-room home/ club at Mar-a-Lago, built for a cornflakes heiress and bought for a song by Trump. The 20 boxes of seized documents apparently contain secret nuclear documents, and possibly also evidence of Trump’s role in provoking the attempted Capitol insurrection on January 6, 2021 – for which at least 889 people face charges so far. Vanity Fair carries an article about how badly this week is turning out for Victor’s champion.

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