Tue, 16 April 2024

Ten years on, journalists’ groups renew the urgent call for killers of Anna Politkovskaya to be found and punished

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Today marks exactly ten years since the cold-blooded murder in Moscow of the highly respected Russian journalists Anna Politkovskaya, whose fearless reporting laid bare numerous atrocities, torture and other severe human rights abuses in Chechnya.

On the tenth anniversary of her death the 8 journalists’ and press freedom organisations which partner the Council of Europe to operate the online Platform for the safety of journalists have issued a public demand for open justice and renewed investigations by the Russian authorities to find and punish those who masterminded and ordered her murder, and determined actions to resolve and punish those responsible for other unsolved murders of journalists in past years. Several people have been convicted in connexion with the killing but the real instigators of the murder are believed to have escaped justice for ten years.
See the Platform alert and related materials here.

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