AEJ congratulates Ahmet Sik on being awarded the 2014 UNESCO Press Freedom Prize

Leading Turkish journalist Ahmet Sik has been named as the winner of the UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize 2014.

European Human Rights Court grants injunction in inter-state case brought by Ukraine against Russia and calls for restraint from military action

The Strasbourg court European has granted exceptional ‘interim measures’ in an urgent case brought by Ukraine against Russia.

IFJ/EFJ Condemn Crimean government’s attempts to restrict media access

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) have condemned the ‘underhand’ attempts of Crimea's regional government to curtail media coverage of the region's referendum on March 16.

AEJ condemns the oppression of journalists and media freedom in Crimea

On 7 March, two Bulgarian freelance journalists - Dimitar Kenarov, member of AEJ-Bulgaria, and the photo reporter Boryana Katsarova, were violently attacked by paramilitary forces and had their professional equipment confiscated by force.

Ukranian journalists appeal to foreign media to beware of Russian anti-Ukranian propaganda

Media monitoring done by the non-profit organisation Telekritika, the Institute of Mass Information and independent media experts shows an unprecedented number of misleading and manipulative reports in Russian media about the events in Ukraine.

Al Jazeera calls for global day of action on Thursday 27 February in support of charged and jailed journalists

Following the decision by Egyptian authorities to press ahead with criminal charges against 20 journalists, Al Jazeera has called for a global day of action in support of press freedom.

European media associations warn Turkey on media freedom

The AEJ and other journalists’ associations and freedom of expression groups have expressing fresh serious concerns about the escalation of moves by the authorities in Turkey to restrict press freedom and exert censorship.

Turkish journalists protest against proposals for new limits on Internet freedom and accuses government of seeking ‘total control’ of the society

Turkey’s G-9 Platform of 12 leading journalists associations chaired by AEJ Honorary Deputy Chairman L. Dogan Tilic staged a protest on Saturday in the main Kizilay Square of Ankara, the Turkish capital, calling on the government to end its oppression of the media and asking President Abdullah Gul to veto a new internet bill which drastically expands the government’s powers to block online content.

Journalists in Ukraine seek international support: AEJ calls on President Yanukovich to halt attacks on the media

AEJ colleagues in Ukraine have appealed for support and solidarity from the whole Association of European Journalists and other journalists’ organisations amidst the ongoing crisis. The AEJ has sent a message to President Yanukovich and acting prime minister Arbuzov and called on them to end the intimidation and violence against journalists

AEJ supports forthcoming international conference in Vienna: Freedom of Information Under Pressure

The AEJ is supporting a major conference being held at the Vienna University of Technology on 28 February and 1 March 2014, which will debate the controversies arising from Edward Snowden’s revelations about mass surveillance by US and UK state agencies.

Council of Europe takes radical steps to protect journalists’ safety and the work of journalists: AEJ will join ‘implementation’ efforts

Ambassadors representing the 47 member states of the Council of Europe have announced a package of radical and far-reaching measures to enhance the safety of journalists and protect the work of journalists

AEJ welcomes release of three journalists kidnapped in Syria

The Association of European Journalists welcomes the recent release of three journalists abducted in Syria: Magnus Falkehed, Niclas Hammarstrom and Bunyamin Aygun. We applaud the efforts of all who contributed to the freeing of the three men and look forward to the release of others still being held against their will. Reports say that more than 50 journalists and media workers were kidnapped or held in Syria during 2013.

New Forms of Censorship in Romania: AEJ Romania Report uncovers sinister forms of censorship engulfing the media

At the end of 2013 a report by Brindusa Armanca of the AEJ Romanian section paints a disturbing picture of New Forms of Censorship overtaking the Romanian media landscape: including political colonisation of media, judicial harassment and a crippling loss of independence affecting journalists in most media organisations.

Headline:AEJ voices extreme concern after vicious assault against prominent Ukrainian journalist

The Association of European Journalists condemns in the strongest terms the savage and targeted assault on 25 December near Kiev against prominent investigative journalist Tetyana Chornovol. The appalling attack by assailants who targeted the journalist by chasing and forcing her car to a halt left Chornovol with concussion and severe facial injuries.

Help the journalists in Syria

G-9 Platform organized in 5 major cities of Turkey - Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Trabzon - several activities for the release of journalists kidnapped in Syria. In Ankara, journalists gathered in front of Milliyet daily. The photo-journalist of Milliyet Suleyman Aygun was kidnapped in Syria about a month ago.

The AEJ backs urgent call for release of Turkish photo-journalist and all media workers abducted or detained in Syria

Turkey’s G-9 Platform of journalists associations has called for immediate release of photo-journalist Bunyamin Aygun kidnapped in Syria. The Association of European Journalists, a network of journalists across Europe, urges all governments to do everything in their power to bring about the release of all media workers abducted or detained in the Syrian conflict.

Council of Europe: positive moves on Safety of journalists and human rights standards

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe held an important Thematic Debate on “Safety of journalists – Further steps for the better implementation of human rights standards,” on Thursday 12 December in Strasbourg. William Horsley, the AEJ’s Media Freedom Representative, was invited to present the perspective of media and non-state stakeholders. A Discussion Paper by the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe included proposals for proactive new measures to improve the safety of journalists across Europe

AEJ statement on unacceptable police violance against media workers during demonstrations in Ukraine

The Association of European Journalists (AEJ) protests in the strongest terms against the many acts of unprovoked acts of violence including beatings carried out by police against journalists and other media personnel during the recent and current demonstrations in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

AEJ regrets planned closure of Presseurop

It is with great regret that the AEJ has learned of the decision to proceed with the closure of Presseurop on Dec. 20th. We said in June we had misgivings about the stated terms of the new media tender, but that in no way implied criticism of Presseurop and we fully endorse the recent audit by Deloitte which recommended that the Commission continue the project.

AEJ’s 51st Congress and General Assembly, 22-24 November 2013

A summary of major issues about the practice of journalism debated at the AEJ’s 51stCongress and Assembly held in Brussels on 22-23 November: first-hand accounts from East and West of journalists under growing pressure from governments and media owners; threats to investigative journalism from secret ‘dragnet’ surveillance and tracking of electronic communications; and the start of an intensive debate on media futures and new ideas for funding quality journalism.

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