AEJ Bulgaria denounces ‘unprecedented’ administrative censorship of public interest journalism

AEJ - Bulgaria stands firmly for the right of journalists to inform the society and for their right not to disclose their confidential sources, who may easily be exposed to a serious risk to their physical safety and integrity if their identity is known.

Charlie Hebdo murders increase pressures on European governments for actions to prevent attacks on journalists

The Council of Europe’s deputy secretary-general, Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, told the gathering that she looked forward to ‘immediate statements’ and quick, dynamic moves by the Council of Europe in the light of such data on concrete cases of violence and legal intimidation. The agreement to set up the ‘online platform’ was earlier approved by representatives of the member states.

William Horsley, Jim Boumelha, Thorbjorn Jagland, Mogens Blicher Bjerregård, David Banisar, Christophe Deloire

AEJ and University of Ioannina announce Greek Culture and Media Summer School courses in July 2015

The Greek Section of the AEJ and University of Ioannina invite students, educators and professionals to register for their Summer School on the theme of ‘Greece today: Language, Culture and Media’.

AEJ Statement condemns ‘barbaric and cold-blooded’ killings in Paris magazine attack; urges effective protection

This is the most bloody attack ever carried out against journalists in France or anywhere in Europe. The international AEJ joins its colleagues in the association’s French section in expressing horror at this barbaric act against press freedom; as well as deep condolences to the relatives of the victims and solidarity with all the staff at Charlie Hebdo.

AEJ protests against new arrests of journalists in Turkey

The detention of several Turkish journalists within the frame of an operation against the so called “parallel state” operation is an attack on press freedom and is not acceptable. It should be stopped and detained journalists should be released.

AEJ Statement on the arrest of leading Azerbaijan journalist Khadija Ismailova

The AEJ expresses outrage at the arrest of Azerbaijani investigative journalist Khadija Ismailova, who was sentenced to two month pre-trial detention on Friday.

Topical AEJ Media Freedom Report shows need for stronger political actions against anti-media attacks and impunity in Europe

The new AEJ Report outlines the most significant attacks on journalists and independent media in the six months since the previous Report of June 2014 , which chronicled and assessed developments since 2012. This Report points to the urgent need for states to remove oppressive legislation and administrative harassment related to defamation, anti-terrorism and security in Council of Europe member states.

AEJ joins Council of Europe Internet platform to highlight attacks on media

The Association of European Journalists and four other journalists’ and freedom of expression organisations are to become partners with the Council of Europe in setting up a new Internet platform which is to act as an alert and Early Warning System for all forms of attacks on the media.

AEJ General Assembly in Burgenland elected new International Board

After an AEJ Presidency of four years (2010-2014) Eileen Dunne (Ireland) stepped down. The AEJ General Assembly elected Otmar Lahodynsky (Austria) as her successor! Secretary-General Tibor Macak (Slovakia), Treasurer Luigi Cobisi (Italia) and the Vice-Presidents Saia Tsaousidou (Greece) and Javier F. Arribas (Spain) were re-elected.

Burgenland – 25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain ....

The AEJ Congress in Neusiedl opened with an address by László Nagy, one of the organisers of the Pan European Picknick at Sopronpuszta near the Neusiedl Lake in August 1989 – a defining moment in the lead-up to the collapse of the Iron Curtain.

New challenges and Priorities for the EU – do we need a new Foreign and Security policy?

The session "New challenges and Priorities for the EU – do we need a new Foreign and Security policy?" during the The AEJ Congress in Neusiedl was dominated by the crisis in Ukraine. It was led off by Olexander Scherba , special ambassador to Ukraine’s foreign Minister

Austria's foreign minister Sebastian Kurz message on the occasion of AEJ's 2014 Congress

Your General Assembly provides me with an excellent opportunity to express my appreciation for your work. Because what you do is nothing less than an essential ingredient for the proper functioning of our democracies.

The new AEJ president is Otmar Lahodynsky

Since 1999 European editor for Austrian political weekly „profil“.

AEJ Resolution on the safety of journalists and the dangers of impunity

The annual General Assembly of the European Association Journalists (AEJ) meeting in Burgenland, Austria, condemns as unacceptable the high number of violent attacks against journalists, acts of arbitrary harassment and interference, and other attacks against media freedom and freedom of expression in European countries, including Azerbaijan, Belarus, Turkey and Russia.

Journalists under fire in Europe: 2014 AEJ Congress exposes attacks, threats and forced self-censorship

At the AEJ’s 2014 Congress on 17 October members of the Association of European Journalists from across Europe met in Burgenland, Austria to discuss topical reports detailing violence, harassment and interference with the work of journalists from colleagues in Armenia, Bulgaria, the countries of the EU’s Eastern Partnership, Hungary, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.

Tributes and urgent calls for justice on the anniversary of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder

The AEJ joins Amnesty International and other organisations in calling urgently on the Russian authorities to effectively investigate Anna Politkovskaya’s murder, bring all the killers to justice including the masterminds, remove the existing oppressive and undemocratic barriers to reporters in Russia, and ensure safe working conditions for journalists and media workers in Russia.

AEJ Congress and General Assembly, Neusiedl, Austria, 16-19 November

At Congress, we will have a panel discussion on the future of the European Union (EU) and the challenges for the newly elected institutions of the EU with the participation of prominent leaders.

AEJ deeply shocked by deaths of journalists in Gaza

The Association of European Journalists is shocked and deeply dismayed at the reported deaths of 13 media workers in Gaza during Israel’s military action which began in early July. The AEJ expects the international community to investigate possible war crimes in which journalists are or have been victims, regardless of the alleged identity of those who may have committed them.

‘Protection of media freedom in Europe’ expert Report holds States to account for worsening threats to journalists

AEJ Media Freedom representative William Horsley has presented his in-depth Report on The protection of media freedom to parliamentarians of the 47 Council of Europe States.

Concerns for security of Antonio Papaleo after stabbing incident in Thailand (updated on 13 October 2014 with new links)

Concerns remain for Papaleo’s security after he declared that he had received threats in connection with his secret filming of members of an alleged international money-laundering ring operating in Hong Kong.

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