AEJ presents blueprint for protection of journalists under international law

The AEJ’s Media Freedom Representative, William Horsley, has presented proposals for the attention of European governments to establish new and effective safeguards against the unacceptably high level of violence, intimidation and harassment which obstructs the work of journalists in many parts of Europe.

AEJ supports ‘Ossigeno’ press freedom campaigns against Mafia killings and bad media laws

Leading Italian politicians and journalists present heard that as many as 30 Italian journalists are forced to live under permanent police protection because of threats of violence from the Mafia.

Hot tips on how to do Innovative Journalism

The conference on Innovative Journalism: Working with Data, Implementing innovative instruments and verification of user-generated content was organized by the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria

AEJ Greek Section appeals for accurate media information during the crisis

On behalf of AEJ Greece, Athanase Papandropoulos, President, AEJ Greek Section Fanis Zouropoulos, Executive President, AEJ Greek Section

Strasbourg court judgement on liability for online user comments ‘threatens free speech’

Lorna Woods, a Professor of Law at Essex University and an expert in the field of media and human rights, remarked following the landmark ruling from the Strasbourg court that the reasoning behind it appears to contradict the established approach to freedom of expression cases.

Investigative journalism under threat

AEJ - with the French section in the lead- was among the first organizations which warned that the new EU-directive for the protection of "trade secrets" will harm investigative journalism.

Council of Europe online Platform highlights dangers for journalists

AEJ and other Partner organisations made clear they expect that the Council of Europe will live up to the public pledges made by the Secretary-General and other senior figures to take prompt and meaningful action to press member states to meet their binding legal obligations under Article 10 of the Convention, on freedom of expression and media freedom.

World Press Freedom Day 2015 is marked in Armenia, Brussels and Ireland

The AEJ took part in celebrations, appeals and public events for World Press Freedom Day 2015 in Armenia, Belgium and Ireland

AEJ French Section condemns charges against French journalist Edouard Perrin

L’AJE-France issued this statement protesting against the charges raised by the Luxembourg authorities against Edoaurd Perrin for exposing the Luxleaks scandal.

The „Association of European Journalists“ (AEJ) is deeply concerned about a new „EU-directive on the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information“

We urge all relevant persons, ministers, commissioners and MEPs to take account of these concerns, and to ensure that the necessary safeguards are in place in EU-regulations so that investigative journalism is not obstructed or made more difficult as a result of the new regulation.

‘Let Journalism thrive!’ AEJ Bulgaria launches campaign for better reporting and against crude sensationalism

The AEJ Bulgarian section has marked World Press Freedom Day 2015 with a campaign for better reporting and against the crude sensationalism which now mars the output of much of the media in Bulgaria.

The new normal of journalism: Assume you’re being watched

At the international gathering in Riga, Latvia, that marked World Press Freedom Day this week, journalists from many countries acknowledged the new reality of mass surveillance online, and its massive impact on journalists’ ability to hold governments to account.

AEJ supports Turkish press freedom groups’ demands for an end to government’s intolerance and assaults on free media

The Turkish authorities are currently imprisoning 21 journalists and they have launched lawsuits against several hundred others, causing massive disruption and interference in the vital work of the media.

World Press Freedom Day is marked with campaigns to end state interference with media freedom

This year the events marking World Press Freedom Day on Sunday 3 May assert the urgent need to uphold press freedom with determination in the face of multiple attacks, threats and harassment directed against journalists who report on matters of public concern. The AEJ is one ofmore than fifty press freedom organisations which issued a joint Statement "Not in our name: World Press Freedom Day 116 days after Charlie Hebdo".

AEJ condemns the killing of journalist Oles Buzyna in Kiev and calls for swift, impartial investigations

The Association of European Journalists is appalled by the contract-style murder of Oles Buzyna, a former editor of the pro-Russian newspaper Segodnya, on 16 April outside his home in Kiev. We call on the Ukrainian authorities to conduct swift, impartial and effective investigations into the killing of Buzyna and of other journalists whose deaths in Ukraine have not been properly investigated or resolved.

AEJ voices grave concern about on-air verbal abuse against journalists in Romania

The Association of European Journalists has expressed its grave concern about gratuitous verbal abuse and mockery directed against Romanian journalists Stelian Negrea and his wife, Eli Roman, by employees of the Antena 3 TV channel.

AEJ welcomes launch of Council of Europe Internet platform to protect journalism and journalists’ safety

The platform is an early warning and enhanced response mechanism based on verified reports from five partner organisations: the IFJ/EFJ, Reporters Without Borders, Article 19 and the AEJ.

The EU must do more to protect press freedom at home and abroad

European Union leaders accept that media freedom and pluralism is essential for the Union’s international credibility and are out-sourcing several activities in this area. But they have allowed the self-interests of member states to dictate their lack of determined action.

Council of Europe parliamentarians demand press freedom protections and renew diplomatic sanctions on Russia

Two years of work by European parliamentarians on the Protection of Media Freedom in Europe have culminated in a new resolution by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), adopted on 29 January.

A media strategy for the EU: proposals by media professionals to safeguard the future of independent media

A Working Group of journalists, publishers and media professionals hosted by Fondation EurActiv has presented a set of core proposals as the outline of a new ‘EU strategy for independent and sustainable media’.

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