European journalists and civil society groups share strategies to ‘Free European Media’ in Gdansk

The European Federation of Journalists, the Council of Europe and leading journalists and civil rights activists have met in the Polish city of Gdansk to debate how to fight back against recent setbacks for press freedom across Europe. They set out priorities for winning basic protections for free speech and independent journalism. William Horsley reports…

Turkey moving away from rule of law

The sentencing of five Turkish journalists to life imprisonment shows that the Turkish judiciary cannot make independent decisions...

AEJ-Bulgaria Annual Report measures rise in threats and pressures on the media

AEJ-Bulgaria’s annual report on the media and free expression in Bulgaria in 2017 says many media are suffering from the tightening grip of a national ‘culture of pressure’ against their editorial independence. The consequences include numerous violent attacks, widespread self-censorship and a collapse in public trust in media content generally… …

Press freedom groups call for international srutiny of investigation into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Murder

Council of Europe’s Partner Organisations on Media Freedom Raise Alarm after Grim Record in 2017 and Urge Close International Scrutiny over the investigation into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Murder. In a Joint Statement ten Council of Europe partners including the AEJ support a call for the appointment of a European Rapporteur to monitor the investigation, and highlight 'grim record' for press freedom in Europe in 2017.

International media freedom delegation in Croatia: some improvements, old and new issues

On January 15 and 16, 2018, an international delegation of press freedom organisation representatives visited Zagreb to observe the state of media freedom in Croatia.

The Institute for Human Sciences has recently published new calls for application

Milena Jesenská Fellowships 2018/2019 for journalists

AEJ Open Letter calls for dynamic steps by Council of Europe against ‘hostile environments’ for journalists

An Open Letter from the Association of European Journalists to representatives of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe calls for a set of ‘implementation’ actions to uphold past governmental declarations on the safety of journalists, including a ministerial Recommendation of 2016 that urges all states to allow a fully independent review of their laws and practices, and to amend them to bring them into line with their obligations under European human rights law…

Freedom of expression and journalists’ organisations appeal for EU concrete steps to protect human rights in Turkey

The AEJ has joined PEN International and a groups of other international freedom of expression organisations in a joint statement on Turkey. It was communicated to the European Union at an event in Brusselson Wednesday. The statement called on EU states to exert influence on Interpol…

AEJ met with Chief of Bulgarian police against organized crime

Support for threatened Bulgarian journalists promised

Annual AEJ Media Freedom Report on Turkey: ‘No free society without free journalism’

Press freedom, oppression of journalists and the media, and prosecution and imprisonment of journalists continued to be the paramount problems facing Turkish journalists in the year 2017. Turkish journalists’ associations and unions continued their joint struggle under the main slogan “There Can Be No Free Society Without Free Journalism.”...

AEJ confronts a ‘new world order’ in media and a Russian ‘information war’

At the AEJ’s Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania, journalists, editors, Internet experts and academics from across Europe attempted to answer big questions about the future of news. The collapse of media business models and the flooding of the space of journalism by merchants of mischief, falsehood and trivia have led many to ask ‘what’s the point of journalists’?...

AEJ Vilnius Congress debates ways to tackle online threats to female journalists

Jennifer Adams, Project Leader of the OSCE’s ‘Safety of Female Journalists Online’ campaign, spoke at the AEJ’s Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Friday 17 November, highlighting the additional risks faced by female journalists and measures to promote online safety. Online abuse of female journalists is recognised as a disturbing and dangerous aspect of the multiple new threats to the safety of journalists in Europe…

AEJ Annual Congress in Vilnius prompts pledge of ‘smart’ response to Russian disinformation

Lithuania’s Vice Foreign Minister, Darius Skusevičius, used the occasion of the AEJ’s Congress in Vilnius, Lithuania, last Friday to set out to visiting journalists from 20 countries  the ‘smart’ policies his government wants NATO to pursue to combat what he called Russia’s campaigns of ‘hostile disinformation and false news’…

Professional journalism is the best antidote to fake news

Quality, professional journalism is the most effective tool for addressing the already well-known phenomenon of fake news. This is the key point shared by the participants in the international conference “Europe vs Disinformation: Is the Bendy Cucumber a Real Threat to the European Project?”, which the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation organized in Sofia on November 9, 2017.

British Labour politician calls for ‘Stop Brexit’ at AEJ meeting in London

Lord Andrew Adonis, a Labour member of the House of Lords, has called for a Stop to Brexit, describing as 'madness' the UK's current intention to quit the EU and to stay outside both the single market and the customs union... 

“Konstantinos Kalligas’’ Journalism Awards Ceremony in Athens

For the 20th time, the Greek Section of the AEJ,organized a main journalistic event

International press freedom groups condemn killing of Maltese investigative journalist

In a statement issued today Index on Censorship and 15 other press freedom organisations including the AEJ jointly condemn the killing of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and call for an immediate and independent investigation into her death. The AEJ says Malta has ‘a special burden of responsibility’ to bring her killers to justice…

Former top UK official sees mistakes on both sides in Brexit negotiations and warns of ‘precipice’ in future relations

Lord (John) Kerr of KInlochard, the author of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by which the UK intends to leave the EU, spoke at a meeting with AEJ journalists in London and sharply criticised mistakes by the UK and the EU as the negotiations in Brussels have become mired in disagreements. Kerr warned of a ‘precipice’ in relations if the talks end without agreement. He also said it would still be possible for the UK to revoke Article 50 if the country’s ‘intent’ to leave the Union changes before Brexit actually happens. William Horsleysummarises Lord Kerr’s 6-point critique of the course of Brexit so far…

AEJ Hungarian Section protests against the drastic erosion of media pluralism

The AEJ Hungarian section has issued a strong protest against the bid by an enterprise with close links to prime minister Viktor Orban to buy two regional newspapers. If approved, the takeover would mean that all of the country’s regional newspapers, as well as public TV and radio and a large segment of the national media, are subject to influence from forces allied to the prime minister. AEJ Hungary calls for a stop to this drastic erosion of media pluralism in Hungary... Read more

Association of European Journalists refutes “groundless smears” by Bulgarian MEP

The Association of European Journalists (AEJ) rejects the groundless allegations and a threat of legal action against AEJ-Bulgaria, the association’s Bulgarian section, made by Nikolay Barekov, a member of the European parliament. We demand that Mr Barekov should refrain from using gratuitously insulting language about AEJ-Bulgaria and withdraw his completely unfounded claim that AEJ-Bulgaria sought to serve the interests of his opponents

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