42 journalists face arrests in clampdown following failed coup in Turkey; press freedom groups protest

European and international media and press freedom monitoring organisations have published the 188th ‘Alert’ concerning serious violations of media freedom since the start in April 2015. All the alerts appear on the Council of Europe’s dedicated website, called the Platform for the protection of journalism and safety of journalists.

Turkey suspends human rights treaty: AEJ calls for respect of state obligations and restraint in actions against media

The Association of European Journalists expresses its extreme concern that freedom of expression, including the essential freedom of the press, is liable to be severely endangered after the announcement by the Turkish government that it intends temporarily to suspend its obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights while maintaining a state of emergency...

AEJ asks Polish Foreign Minister to stop campaign against Austrian author

We urge you to instruct your officials to drop this campaign against Martin Pollack forthwith, as it demeans your country and places you and your ministry in a very negative light.

Draconian government actions after Turkeys’ failed coup threaten to suffocate free speech and press freedom

International media and press freedom monitoring organisations have used the Council of Europe’s online Platform for the protection of journalism and the safety of journalists to publish several urgent ‘alerts’ about violent actions to control media and the creation of a climate of severe intimidation of free speech during and after the failed coup attempt against the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Statement by the board of the „Association of European Journalists“ (AEJ)

The board members of the AEJ met in Bratislava on July 8th-9th on the occasion of the start of Slovakia’s presidency of the European Union. The board expressed deep concern that the outcome of the referendum on UK-membership of the EU could lead to damaging divisions and harm mutual tolerance and understanding among the countries of Europe.

The AEJ President comments on the Brexit vote

In a personal statement, AEJ President Otmar Lahodynsky said: 'On June 28th, the European Parliament in Brussel passed a resolution asking for "a relaunch of the European project". It added that "The will expressed by the people must be entirely and fully respected".

AEJ joins Turkish journalists’ united protest against arrests over ‘Editors on duty’ campaign of solidairty

Turkey’s major press freedom organisations, the Freedom for Journalists Platform (GOP) and the G9 Platform, today jointly condemned the wrongful arrests of three ‘on-day’ editors of the Ozgur Gundem newspaper, which has been repeatedly closed down by the authorities as part of draconian actions directed against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).The AEJ is a part of both the G9 Platform and the GOP. Protests are under way in Istanbul against the latest arrests. Can Dundar, the editor in chief of Cumhurriyet newspaper, has volunteered to be ‘on-duty editor’ of Ozgur Gundem in place of his three arrested colleagues. Visits are also being made in a show of solidarity, by G9 Platform figures to the newspaper’s offices in Ankara today as well as to the office of the Turkish Human Rights Foundation.

AEJ deplores the killing of a British woman MP during EU referendum campaign

The Association of European Journalists condemns and deplores the murder of 41-year-old Labour Member of the British Parliament, Jo Cox, who was shot and killed in her Yorkshire constituency last Thursday. Jo Cox had reportedly received threats of violence before the deadly attack...

Celia Hampton, former AEJ Vice President and UK Section Secretary, dies

Celia Hampton, who had many good friends among journalists in AEJ sections across Europe and served as an international AEJ Vice President from 2004-08, died earlier this month after a long battle with lung disease. Celia was a familiar and active figure at many past AEJ Congresses, and she put her valuable legal expertise at the service of the AEJ during the complex process of revising the association’s Statutes some years ago.

On Press Freedom Day, many voices tell Europe to put its house in order

The 2016 World Press Freedom Day conference in Helsinki on May 2-4 was marked by a clamour of voices calling on Europe to recognise its own obvious failings in this field and to end oppressive laws, harassment and intrusive surveillance practices that hamper the legitimate work of journalists.

Turkish newspaper editor Dundar survives gun attack by assailant calling him ‘traitor’

Can Dündar, one of the most prominent journalists in Turkey and editor-in-chief of daily Cumhuriyet, escaped unhurt from an assassination attempt by a gunman on May 6th during a break in Dundar’s trial at the Caglayan courthouse in Istanbul in a case related to reports in the newspaper about a shipment of arms from Turkey to Syria.

World Press Freedom Day 2016: special event reports

Special events and debates staged by AEJ Sections and partner organisations have focused on investigative journalism tools (Armenia), public attitudes to media (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and public Radio and TV (Romania). Future events will cover humane reporting of accidents and disasters (Bulgaria) and journalistic investigations into corruption (Slovakia).

Turkey: May 3 is a day to resist oppression

Turkish journalists’ organizations stressed on May 3rd “World Press Freedom Day” that the day was not a day for celebration but a day to resist oppression against the media.

AEJ Sections support multiple actions to mark 3 MayWorld Press Freedom Day 2016

The latest global assessment by Freedom House has found that press freedom around the world reached its lowest pointin 12 years. At the United Nations, the newly-adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals include a new target, to achieve Access to Information and Fundamental Freedoms for All, and that is the theme of the international conference being held in Helsinki, Finland, where 1000 participants are gathering to represent journalists associations, media houses, NGOs and international organisations.

EJ-Greece Journalism Prize awarded to Peter Kramer, former AEJ international Secretary-General

The award is made by the Greek section of the AEJ.

International criticism grows against prosecution of Meydan TV journalists in Azerbaijan

Meanwhile, the Media Freedom Group of the Civil Society Forum of the EU’s Eastern Partnership, made up of civil society groups of the 6 Eastern Partnership states and the member states of the EU, has issued the following Statement, calling for an end to the prosecution of the Meydan TV journalists, the release of all the journalists being held in jail in Azerbaijan on politically-motivated charges in jail including Khadika Ismailova, who has been awarded the 2016 UNESCO Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize.

Turkish journalists’ Platform protests against exclusion of foreign reporters

The written statement came following the last incident on Monday, the ban of a U.S. journalist David Lepeska’s entry to Turkey. Seeveral other foreign reporters were banned and deported in the last week.

AEJ welcomes landmark Europe-wide Guidelines to protect journalism and calls for ‘vigorous implementation’

The Recommendation, which has the force of ‘soft law’ that may be taken into account in rulings by the European Court of Human Rights, calls on states to embark on wide-ranging reviews and revisions of ‘laws and practices’ to ensure that the actions of governments and police include safeguards so that journalists can do their work without fear. It also urges aggravated penalties for public officials who stand in the way of investigations into attacks against journalists, including killings.

EU must use financial and political weight sto reverse drastic media crackdown in Turkey, press freedom groups demand

The AEJ is among nine European and international press freedom and journalists’ organisations which on Wednesday sent a strongly-worded joint letter to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, calling for the EU to exert maximum pressure on Turkey to reverse its extraordinary crackdown on the media at the forthcoming meeting of EU leaders with the Turkish prime minister on Friday 19 March. The letter, bearing the signatures of representatives of Index on Censorship, Article 19, Association of European Journalists, Committee to Protect Journalists, English PEN, European Federation of Journalists, International Press Institute, PEN International and Reporters Without Borders, has also been sent to other top representative of European Union institutions.

AEJ protest at Turkish press freedom assault handed to EU Enlargement Commissioner

On 11 March the AEJ's statement of protest against the seizure of Zaman newspaper in Turkey was handed in person to EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

EU-Commissioner Hahn, AEJ-Pres. Lahodynsky

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